Monday, 1 November 2010

Introduction- Aims/goals/My Skills and specialism

Welcome to my blog

This blog will be my development in personal development towards my dream Job. My research will be looking into the industry that I wish to be in and to establish the skills and requirements needed to land the job I am looking for.

  1. This will enable me to be aware of what is going on in the world, in the industry and job role I wish to specialise in.
  2. Reflect - How I fit in and what I will need
  3. learning new skills to maximise our prosperity.
  4. to be able to communicate effectively.

My specialism

  1. Artist - 2D Character concept artist to 3D modelling development - Character Concepts
  2. 3D - Modeller - Maya
  3. Illustrator - Concept and Storyboarding
  4. Administrator
  5. Organisational skills - Managed Flagship[ store with 15 staff and over million turnover.

I will be creating a website with all my work. To include

  1. 2D Illustrations
  2. Character - 2D illustrations of Characters - Willy Bunting, Jack the Aviator,Cornelius the Gorilla, The eccentric Librarian and Mongol character.
  3. 3D Character Modelled and textured - Willy Bunting, Jack the Aviator, and The eccentric Librarian
  4. 2D - Life Drawing
  5. Lighting and texturing.

Some of the above are on going training and development used in my third year project.

Promotional Material

  1. Produce a business card with my latest design and contact details.
  2. Updated C.V.
  3. Portfolio - Digital
  4. Short book of my animation idea
  5. Blog of my final Year work and development

The above will demonstrate the range of work that I am able to do and will promote my specialism.

  1. Lighting, modelling, concept, editing, dynamics

Areas I am to do develop in my third year to enable me to have a strong portfolio

  1. Maya - Model advanced character with blend shapes and effective topology.
  2. Maya - Develop models with lighting techniques with high quality renders
  3. Maya - Short Trailer of animation for portfolio
  4. Maya - Dynamic techniques - for portfolio
  5. Illustrator and Photoshop - Mood boards, Character designs (finals) storyboards, logo etc. I will demonstrating my own personal development learning in advanced photoshop and illustrator techniques by attending a short course at University for the Creative Arts at Rochester every Thursday 6-8pm for 12 Weeks. This will help advance my character designs and concepts to communicate essential information to the reader about a character . These should include Silhouettes, Value, Colour, Versatility and Iconic which are fundamentle design elemnts in creating a good character.
  6. Show reel of skills - Modeling, lighting, dynamics and animation
  7. Attending network Events

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