Monday, 1 November 2010

About myself

I am currently studying for a degree in CGI and Animation at Ravensbourne College, UK. Coming from a business and design background I decided to take this course to develop and learn new creative skills in animation and visual effects to enable me to re-direct my career. I was too heavily business focused and my creativity was shut inside waiting to burst out! The company I was working for came out of the UK market so I decided to make a clean break and go with my hearts desire…Drawing! I have explored many areas of design such as fashion, 3d, model-making and digital technology. I realised that my drive and passion was in character design. Yes, I guess I first experienced this in fashion learning how to construct and design clothes. I loved the creating and designing but not the making. This extended to model making everything I made I wanted it to move or do something that was not physically possible until I played around with Maya I realised here is a software that can meet my desires to create characters that I only could dream about and play around with dynamics to make something explode or whatever my imagination wanted. I was totally hooked. I love concept art and designing quirky characters. Some of my favourite artists are Frank Frazetta,his artwork of the human body is awesome great influence, the quirky characters of Frezzato. CG Character artists such as Jose Lazaro, grant Warwick, Krishnamurti M. Costa, Moebius, AKA Jean Giraud and many more. So finally this is where I want to be...character concepts. I would love to work in film or games whichever something that I could bring my skills to life!

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