Monday, 1 November 2010

My Experience


I have delved in many creative design disciplines from leaving school...I have had 2 years fashion design experience churning out fashion illustrations and concepts to the making of full outfits to run on a catwalk. My designs have always been futuristic and cyborg like in concept. However I realised from an early age that fashion making wasn’t for me. In any case I decided to have a break, in the meantime in my own time I learnt the holistic of the body Including muscles and the skeletal system and the different structures of the body. I also developed the business side of managing a flagship apparel in London gaining key skills such as delegating, prioritising, time management, working in a team, negotiating, business planning, forecasting, merchandising, marketing and leading. In my hapless attempt of trying to run away from design I realised this was no good as the more I stepped up the ladder in my existing job the more I craved to be getting back into my art. This affected my mood as I was becoming quite depressed not challenging my creative side. The rebirth of my art exploded when I got accepted on a Foundation degree in Fine Art course. I delved in many art disciplines such as photography, Life Drawing, model making sculptor, metalwork and jewellery etc. This led me to work with a prestigious artist Angela Conner of developing Marquette’s (kinetic sculptures). I enjoyed working with Angela as a sculptor’s assistant; she has an amazing appetite for success and energy that captivates you. However I also realised that I did not want to pursue this role.

I have always been fascinated with animation and character design from an early age. I would get up watch different animations in the morning with my younger brother the favourite being Transformers, Thunder Cats and He-Man etc. I loved it! This is the area that I wanted to be in. On the foundation degree I learnt about CGI and Photoshop and worked with Maya I then researched the industry and found this course Foundation Degree in Visualisation and Animation. I knew this is where I wanted to be, as I love gaming, Sci- Fi and animation and character design!! Even though its early stages in the first year of finalising what area I want to concentrate in I am drawn to either 2D animation, Storyboarding or Concept Art/ Character Concepts. I have focused this piece on Concept Art, as this is where I eventually want to be.

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